Issue 12: January 2021

Look through the phoropter and tell us, what number do you see?

We see 12. In the spirit of a dozen, the number 12, of the 1 and then 2 to visualize the power and possibilities when working together, of the outcomes that are possible when we come together, we bring you Issue 12, our first of this next and new era. 

What is better, A, or B? B or C? C, or D?

A point of view is subjective and unique, but vision, if you have two equally functional eyes, is also binocular, merging two images into one, each eye’s visual field superimposing on one another, expanding peripheral vision beyond movement.

Here’s to 20/21 vision. Let’s try a new lens and welcome a different view of the world, sharper, wider, but also, dare we hope, softer.

As always, feverish work goes on behind the scenes of these issues we publish as many times a year as we do—it follows what we imagine to be the fevered, inspired vision of our estimable contributors. We present to you these views to hail and herald and hooray this new era.

P.S. We suggest you keep your mask on as we enter it.

The Editors.

Issue 12

January 2021



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“107 Degrees” Photograph by Nadia Belalia

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