Issue 5: January 2019

5! Welcome to the fifth issue of ’s literary journal. For this anniversary issue, we decided to start a new year with a bang! so we announced the Macaron Prize with judges Chantel Acevedo, Major Jackson, and Sheila Kohler. We have burst onto the scene of writing contests! And more: a dynamite print issue arrives this spring with prizewinners and finalists. Also the issue will have our inaugural , edited by Jonathan Galassi, of works published in 2018 quarterly online issues. Issue the fireworks!

For this issue’s cover, we chose Stéphane Cocke’s photograph in the spirit of budding flowers. A mysterious beauty is yet to unfold. What flowers will emerge, as beautiful and celebratory as a night sky of fireworks, as you browse this issue?

Opposites attract, they say—fireworks! Small explosions, illuminating unexpectedly, sometimes big and bright. At Cagibi we deeply appreciate the fireworks that can happen when opposites come together. As reasoning creatures, all of us need discourse and inquiries to grow an understanding of how the world around us works. It’s not easy to take a stand, as we often must do, and also to work together toward compromise, as we often must do, for new ideas to take shape. These wanderings in discourse and inquiry are an adventure; the same instinct that draws us to foreign places, like the tug you’ll feel reading the interview with translator Megan McDowell, a powerful and moving conversation—it will have you leaping to read new books in translation. New discoveries! Then apply the salve of explosive laughter with the works of New Yorker cartoonist Emily Flake. And then turn to George Franklin’s featured essay on what leads him into prisons to teach poetry. What courage all this requires! Read on, have courage.

The Editors.

Issue 5

January 2019





Issue Cover

“Raw beauty, botox free” photograph by Stéphane Cocke.

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A cagibi is a place where things are often gathered pell-mell, which comes from the French word pêle-mêle, a state of affairs characterized by the random mixing of things, a chaotic state of affairs that also opens the door to unexpected discovery. In that spirit, while this page lists the contents alphabetically by the contributor’s first name, here also is a separate list in random order, to encourage you to skip around the contents of Cagibi Issue 5, to discover a work of prose or poetry you’d like to sink down into. We expect it will stay with you, and we hope you’ll be inspired to share it. Dive in!

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