Issue 9: January 2020

9. Welcome to the ninth issue of ’s online literary journal.

For this anniversary issue (year 3, here we come!) we are pleased to announce this year’s Macaron Prize with 2020 guest judges Andre Dubus III in fiction, Emily Flake in cartoon, Jill Bialosky in nonfiction, and Nick Flynn in poetry. A dynamite print issue will arrive this fall with prizewinners and finalists. Also the issue will have our second , of works published in 2019 quarterly online issues, curated this year by guest editor Michael Reynolds, Editor in Chief of Europa Editions. The issue can be pre-ordered now.

2020, new year, new decade, new horizon: in , the ongoing section of our journal where we publish book excerpts and interviews as well as Postcards (short nonfiction centered around a place) we now have a new series called “OTG: On the Ground.” The series offers a space for essays and personal narratives that tackle current events or issues, whether cultural, social or political, here in the US and abroad. “We’re on the ground in Tijuana. OTG, as I’ll soon learn to say. Which is a shorthand for being a witness and working for change.” Inspiring words by contributor Karen Laws in what became the inaugural essay of the series, on her experience as a volunteer helping migrants at the US-Mexican border. Indeed, as writers and artists, there is this tension, always lurking behind the creative impulse, between observing and engaging with the world, no matter how far from everyday life or from reality this impulse takes us. In the photograph we chose for this issue’s cover, we can oversee, from the top of the Griffith Observatory, the cityscape of Los Angeles as a pale, distant reality. On the ground, wherever we stand, we can change the reality we live in—but only if we engage, as writers, as readers, and as citizens.

Let’s make 2020 the year of engagement.

The Editors.

Issue 9

January 2020





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“Observing Los Angeles.” Photograph by Olga Breydo.

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