Issue 7: July 2019

7! Welcome to the seventh issue of ’s literary journal.

A quick origin story: We had a long tradition, along with many friends, of weekend escapes at a big house way out from the city, in a small town in New York’s Sullivan County. The house, owned by a couple, had something like 7+ bedrooms and a long table in the dining room to accommodate all of us who happened to find ourselves there, all the old friends and almost always new ones. Outside, a back porch spanned the length of the house. There on the back porch, we talked and played backgammon. We talked about how we ought to do our own writing retreat, in a house like this one—we’d done a literary collaboration before, and were ripe for another one—we talked about how we ought to do something…while we talked and dreamed and gazed out at the view: a little red shed on a gently sloping lawn, a kitchen garden, and a hillside reaching up into the sky.

This issue’s cover is a photo from those days, a view of that hillside. That something became .

This view of trees is a peaceful moment, a respite. Gazing out at this assemblage of green chaos, we experience paradoxically a moment of rest. Like the rest note in a musical composition: the silence is not an absence of sound, instead it transcends the notes on either side of it. The music lifts the rest notes and takes them for us to a place beyond silence. You won’t find everything to be peaceful in this issue, certainly not. We’re pleased to say you’ll find some chaos and rage, respective of the world we live in, and these tones may be restoring, too. What pieces will you find restoring in this issue, what pieces transcend?

The Editors.

Issue 7

July 2019





Issue Cover

“Hillside” photograph by C. Shade.

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A cagibi is a place where things are often gathered pell-mell, which comes from the French word pêle-mêle, a state of affairs characterized by the random mixing of things, a chaotic state of affairs that also opens the door to unexpected discovery. In that spirit, while this page lists the contents alphabetically by the contributor’s first name, here also is a separate list in random order, to encourage you to skip around the contents of  Issue 7, to discover a work of prose or poetry you’d like to sink down into. We expect it will stay with you, and we hope you’ll be inspired to share it. Dive in!

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