Issue 6: April 2019

Cover artwork: “DP 1309” photograph by Stefan Hengst.

6! Welcome to the sixth issue of ’s literary journal. Just what you’ve been waiting for. You have experienced the best of the best. You were always so happy to see me, when finally I showed up, late as usual, the mess of me, my bag smelling of an exquisite pastry that I didn’t save for you. I ate it on the E train to Queens among the drunks and homeless and other hot messes like me, who have you waiting at home. You have always asked for the unexpected, and so in June we bring you ’s inaugural print issue of an anthology (curated by Jonathan Galassi) and Macaron Prize winners. You resist the routine. You want more Aprils in the countryside, and here we are again, in a small moment, together.

The Editors.

P.S. Save the date: join us as we celebrate our print issue in NYC on Tuesday June 25 at KGB! —S&C

Issue 6

April 2019





Issue Cover

“DP 1309” photograph by Stefan Hengst.

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Prefer to Dive In at Random?

A cagibi is a place where things are often gathered pell-mell, which comes from the French word pêle-mêle, a state of affairs characterized by the random mixing of things, a chaotic state of affairs that also opens the door to unexpected discovery. In that spirit, while this page lists the contents alphabetically by the contributor’s first name, here also is a separate list in random order, to encourage you to skip around the contents of  Issue 6, to discover a work of prose or poetry you’d like to sink down into. We expect it will stay with you, and we hope you’ll be inspired to share it. Dive in!

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