Submission Guidelines

Photo: © Sylvie Bertrand. All rights reserved.

Cagibi accepts and reads submissions year round through our submissions manager, provided by Submittable. There you will see our open categories and complete guidelines.

We encourage simultaneous submissions. If your work is accepted elsewhere (awesome!), please withdraw your Cagibi submission from within Submittable. Do not email the editors to withdraw part or all of your submission; instead, withdraw in Submittable. For partial withdrawals, such as for one of multiple poems, add a message to your submission. To add a message, log in to Submittable, click on your submission, and you will see there a box to leave us a message. For more detailed instruction on how to do that within Submittable, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Cagibi does not consider work which has previously appeared in print or online.

Cagibi acquires only the first serial publication rights of accepted work. Copyright is asserted on behalf of the author, and all reprint rights revert to the author upon publication. We ask that if your piece is published in an anthology or collection, you indicate that it was first published in Cagibi.

You can sign up for our newsletter without submitting. When you submit to Cagibi, you’re also signing up for our newsletter. We will never give out your e-mail to anyone else.



To Withdraw a Poem, or Only Part of Your Submission

If you need to withdraw individual poems from consideration, first log into Submittable and go to your Submissions queue. Find your submission to Cagibi in your list, and click on the title of your submission. When you do, it opens up the submission’s detail page, and the “Activity” tab is the default tab: the top field has “Add message…” in it, and a big SEND button. In that field, leave a note detailing which poem(s) should be withdrawn. Be assured that our editors will see your note when you hit SEND.

To Withdraw All of Your Poems, All of Your Submission

There is also the Withdraw function – which is a “Withdraw” link you can find within Submittable either on your Submissions queue or on a submission’s detail page – but this is for withdrawing the whole of your submission from consideration. Please only use the “Withdraw” function if you intend to remove all poems, or your entire submission, from consideration.