Issue 19: July 2023

Dear Readers,

Underwater we are weightless, defying gravity. The rest of the world will hush and blur as light disperses and time slows to a standstill. Suspended, submerged, you are safe inside this watery cocoon, released from your history and everything you used to be. Ripples undulate as beads of breath drift upward to the distant surface: echoes of your solitary descent. Sink deep into the blue abyss, then go even deeper. 

Falling doesn’t have to be painful. Falling can mean a fearless plunge into unknown depths, a dreamy escape through liminal space, a chance to sever ties with the patterns of the past. In this summer issue of Cagibi, let us fall together into chilling bay waters, Venusian oceans, cyberspace rabbit holes, and the limitless expanse of alternate realities. Let us be children again, adrift in imagination and what could be. Let us embody the mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, doctors and survivors, maestros and artists who have shaped our lives. Let us stare at the moon and wake early to contemplate the human condition. Let time and space suspend. I’ll see you down there. 

Amy Dupcak 

Issue 19

July 2023


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Adam Courtney, photographer
Sparkman Clark, model

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