In Search of Venusian Oceans

It takes thousands of years
of rainfall to produce an ocean.

Which makes me think of all
the lifetimes found in a wave

which makes me feel closer
to my own reckoning.

I imagine the places
my consciousness could end up:

perhaps in a grove of orange trees
maybe even as a branch of a willow

but how often do we end
where we began.

There was once a time
when we believed oceans

adorned the face of Venus,
but science

as with all our greatest stories,
has corrupted this too.

How I could reawake there
surrounded by ancient rains,

how I could walk
against the waves in one direction

and always end up somewhere else.

Matthew Tavares is the translator of Wendy Barker’s Over Roads, Under Moons, forthcoming from Alabrava Press. His work has appeared in Allegory Ridge‘s Anthology Aurora, High Noon, Voices de la Luna, and Texas Books in Review. He is currently pursuing an MFA from Our Lady of the Lake University.

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