I say I don’t deserve you. I believe it.
I’ve made wide shields and straight arrows,

but nothing glazed as your body.
I wonder where you spend the nights
while I chime and sweat

in the dark forge. The worry
labors beside me, pumping air
into the fire and holding the metal

heavy on the anvil. I pound at it
for you, not quite reaching anger.
Everything I make hisses in the pail

and comes out as dull as resignation.
I would learn from my failure and stop,
but there are debts to pay, like the one

I owe to creation itself. Some alchemy
of work, I think, will pay it off.
Then I’ll be with you in our bed.

So I bend my head, set my feet,
and swing my brazen hammer.

Colin Criss has an MFA in Poetry from Washington University in St. Louis. He is from Old Forge, NY.

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Issue 7

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