So What

Artwork © Callie Hirsch. All Rights Reserved.

So What.
It was a colorless and
Dreamless night
The flow of air
Through a mouthpiece of
Non-fiction, out of breath
COPD of the imagination.

Turned on, “So What,”
Miles, like caffeine
Going modal, binary,
Through the possibilities cone.
Title options, so what,
Some with appeal
Some on appeal.

Walking out to the pond,
Whitened on the edges
Where a premature winter
Freezes its lips too
In need of kisses from the day
To warm and soften.

So, what?
So this, this charcoal sketch
Of the water flowing over
My feet in a future June,
Smoothing me one layer deeper
Adaptation of that flow
That’s the poetry
That’s the so
That’s the

Michel Steven Krug is a Minneapolis poet, fiction writer, former print journalist, and Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars grad. He’s Managing Editor for Poets Reading the News (PRTN) literary magazine and he litigates. His poems have appeared in Dash, Mikrokosmos, New Verse News, North Dakota Quarterly, Eclectica, Writers Resist, Sheepshead, Mizmor Anthology, 2019, PRTN, Ginosko, Door Is A Jar, Raven’s Perch, Main Street Rag, and others.

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