On Being (Reminded)

Photo: © Stefan Hengst. All rights reserved.

I pace the yard, a copter
searchlight skimming the dark
city of my fear.

Daddy, can you play
soccer with us? You be
Argentina, we’ll be Germany.

Accosted by soles
slamming the path, bare
clamor shaking impatiens

and morning glories, their
cheeks ripe with questions—
Daddy, did you know

a marine clam can
live 400 years?
Their shirts

now inverted for German white.
Orange highway cones
frame the hostas.

Daddy, that’s your goal.
I slip off my shoes. Daddy,
why do squirrels eat birdseed?

Answers ding
like register bells—
especially this one:

be here,
in time’s smithereens,
where love happens.

Matt Pasca reads “On Being (Reminded)”

From Cagibi Issue 1: Four Poems by Matt Pasca


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Matt Pasca is a poet, teacher and traveler who believes in art’s ability to foster discovery, empathy and justice. His first book-length collection, A Thousand Doors (2011), was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and his second, Raven Wire (2016), was selected as a Finalist for the 2017 Eric Hoffer Book Award. Individual poems have appeared in dozens of journals and anthologies, including Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art, Naugatuck River Review, Oberon, Paterson Literary Review, English Journal, Weave, Georgetown Review, Wordpeace and The Pedestal Magazine. A 2003 New York State Teacher of Excellence, Matt teaches Poetry, Mythology and Literature, advises an award-winning literary-art magazine, The Writers’ Block, and runs a visiting writers program at his school on Long Island. Pasca also curates Second Saturdays @Cyrus, a vibrant poetry series, with his wife, author Terri Muuss, and performs his work, keynotes, and teaches workshops at cafés, libraries, colleges, conferences and continuing Ed. programs around the country. www.mattpasca.com

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