Cagibi’s Nominations for Best of the Net, 2019

Photo: © S.V. Bertrand. All rights reserved.

Join our editors in congratulating Cagibi’s nominees for the 2019 Best of the Net anthology!

Given the eligible period for nominations—prose and poetry that appeared on the web between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019—the nominations are limited to Issue 3 (mid-July), Issue 4 (mid-October), Issue 5 (mid-January), and Issue 6 (mid-April). Good luck to these writers—we hope to see their work in the anthology. Here, the lists are ordered by the contributor’s first name.


You Should Put a Donkey in Your Poem” by Amy Newman

The First Sunday After Thanksgiving” by Arden Levine

Practical Math for Young Black Males” by Emily Adams-Aucoin

Bodies of Water” by Jen Stewart Fueston

Captcha” by Maggie Smith

Horse Thief” by Nick Flynn


Paradise, Undusted” by Elena Georgiou

Humanity Declaration” by Nicholas Nakai Garcia

Creative Non-Fiction

Cradle” by Michael Klein

The Brothers Arrick: Paupers of Mud Creek” by Tyler Phillips

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