Postcard from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you are thinking of coming for a day or two, don’t bother, unless you want to just “see the sights,” like the beautiful blue-green Neretva River, Stari Most (the famous 16th century footbridge), the beauty of numerous mosques and the Franciscan church on the boulevard that was the front line in the wars here from 1992-95. In a quick tour you can see the scars of mortar and grenade explosions on the streets, sidewalks and buildings. In ten minutes you can see too many buildings blown apart in the city and on my university campus which, for various political and economic (corruption) reasons, have not been torn down. But if you stay for a month or a year, you will begin to feel the pulse of the blood flowing through the people living in this spiritually mysterious and loving country which, geographically, is in the perfect shape of a real human heart.


by Michael Poage


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Issue 2

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