My Devices, My

What a pleasure, tracking all the data
generated as I go about my business.
The steps I walk and where I take

them, not that I ever venture far. My
information cloisters in a hollow, carved
out deep within a tower, ringed around

with solid rock. Beetles clicking nimbly
in their burrows, my days are ticked
upon the walls, and I’m a leering keeper,

not a digit unrecorded. I have a watch
that makes a note of every beat my heart
secures, all day long and every minute,

ricocheting up and down, a coal car
with a lustrous cargo, till I undo the clasp
at night, let my device revive itself and

who knows what velocity my heart
achieves, while I am sleeping, what it gets
up to in the dark, with no one to attend

or tally, perhaps my heart has dug
a tunnel, perhaps it is already gone,
the beetles swarming the deserted bunk

Jennifer A Sutherland is a poet and essayist with work in Hopkins Review, Best New Poets, Denver Quarterly, Parhelion, Appalachian Review, and elsewhere. Bullet Points, her first book, is forthcoming from River River Books. She lives in Baltimore.

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