mechanical soft

Photo: © Olga Breydo. All Rights Reserved.

wheelchair, pulled close to the kitchen table, locked
against her feet/hands/pushing/pulling
in the unceasing dance of brain disconnect

his measured voice
I think you’re hungry
Isn’t this good?

her apron, cut from a plastic tablecloth
bright with topsy-turvy flowers,
covers her nightgown, neck to knees

he sits across from her, close
in his new-found patience, bends in
to spoon today’s coarse-ground mix
into her reluctant mouth

she chews slower, eyes begin to close
One more bite?
Please open your mouth

he slips soft into their first language—
Czy wiesz kim jestem?
Do you know who I am?

Czy ty jesteś moją matką?
Are you my mother?

Jestem wciąż wasz mały chłopiec?
Am I still your little boy?

Laurel Szymkowiak is a Western Pennsylvania poet who has published in several journals, including Perihelion, The Del Sol Review, US 1 Worksheets, Gyroscope, and Voices from the Attic.

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