La Terribilità

Photo: © Alexandra Korey. All rights reserved.

After Michelangelo’s The Deposition

Witnessing il Divino,
I recall old ocular theory—
how light and vision are created
by the eye of the viewer, also how
a friend once claimed we exist
because we’re loved; I’m thinking
it isn’t Christ whom I love
despite his form polished
to a piteous gleam; instead
it’s the unfinished—the features
of rough apostles, bending
under faith, having witnessed
the artist’s response to veins
in Carrara marble; it is
Buonarroti’s assistants
collecting discarded limbs;
it is this incongruous girl
observing votives
in Santa Maria del Fiore;
it is three women in pilled black
who traveled to witness
the wonder; it’s the lines
in all their faces, the spark
of God in their eyes.

S. Maniaci’s poems may be found in Josephine Quarterly and River Styx, where she was both an honorable mention and a finalist in the International Poetry Contests. She’s thrilled to have this second poem homed here in Cagibi. (Read her poem “Palimpsest” in Issue 13.) Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she migrates often with her cat and bearded dragon, Darcy and Heaney.

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