Introducing Stefan Hengst, Artwork Contributor

“As graphic designer and artist, I see objects as shapes, lines and forms with surfaces upon which to tell stories. I imagine every surface as a backdrop where we can project our personal ideas and narratives to make them a part of our everyday life.”
—Stefan Hengst

Stefan HengstAn award-winning designer and photographer, Stefan Hengst is originally from the Netherlands, where he attended the College of Fine Arts & Design, St. Joost, in Breda. He moved to New York City in 1996. His work has been recognized by well-known publications and institutions such as Italian Vogue, Metropolis, Wallpaper, and the Huffington Post and has recently been added to the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum. His photography has been exhibited at Boffo Show house (New York), Collegno Gallery (New York), Future 86 art event (Catskills, NY), Bienale 2009 (Cuenca, Ecuador) and Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). He was recently included in “MINE: Take What’s Yours,” an exhibition at New York City’s UNDERLINE Gallery. His wall coverings served as the background for all four 2013 issues of Works & Days Quarterly.

“I like it when people can dream a little bit about other places. I hope my art can take people out of their little box, most of the time the place they live in, and bring them someplace else, even if this is just in their mind. This other place might open some new thoughts and ideas and maybe even give them a new worldview.” —Stefan Hengst, in an interview for Dutch Culture USA online

Stefan is Cagibi’s main artwork contributor. His artwork appears on many of the prose and poetry pages of ’s online issues, beginning with Issue 1. Click here to browse all of his artwork on .

Follow his artwork on Instagram @stefanhengst