Cagibi 2019: The Print Issue

publishes an annual print issue in addition to its quarterly online issues. The print issue is an anthology, called the , of works from the previous year’s online issues. And it includes the Macaron Prize winners, new works of poetry and prose.

The inaugural print issue arrived June 2019 and is available for purchase online and in select bookstores. See below for the Table of Contents. This issue brings you:


  • The edited by Jonathan Galassi. A selection of works published in the 2018 online issues, curated by author, poet, and publisher Jonathan Galassi. For this section of the Table of Contents below, each title is linked to the original.
  • Macaron Prize 2019 winners and finalists, with introductions from judges Chantel Acevedo, Major Jackson, and Sheila Kohler. Available only in print.
  • Featured visual artwork. Available only in print.

Cagibi Issue 1 StarsTable of Contents

Macaron Prize 2019 winners and finalists:

In Fiction:

  • Janice Deal, “Muskellunge” (winner)
  • Jason Poudrier, “Uyen Pau” (finalist)

In Nonfiction:

  • Pia Ghosh-Roy, “Separated by the Wingspan of a Moth” (winner)
  • Philip Lawton, “Lost Wax” (finalist)

In Poetry:

  • Katharine Ogle, “Introduction to Fiction” (winner)
  • SM Stubbs, “Viewer’s Guide to Masculinity in Three Films” (finalist)

Cagibi Issue 1 StarsOmnibus! Anthology




Online Journal Artwork Contributors

Stéphane Cocke

Stefan Hengst

Nadia Belalia

Olga Breydo

Online Issue Features

Chess Days by Veronica

The Cuboids Cartoons by Dave Brockett


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